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(With Akasha Ma Shakira Devi)

Osho Mokurai Meditation Centre, Italy

11–15 May 2024


In The Dakini Garden will be a temple in which we will cultivate, restore
and deepen our connection to the Feminine Ways through the Ancient Wisdom of Tantric Teachings.

Embraced by the beautiful landscape of the Italian Alps, in the magical shrine of Mokurai,
we will rekindle our connection to nature and the elements bringing ourselves back to our feminine roots. 

In this space we will be weaving together practices of embodiment, devotion, meditation, dance, silence, energetic transmissions, ceremony and much more.

Come rekindle your fire, and allow the waters of your feminine nectar and beauty to flow.
Come deepen your roots, and open yourself into heavens embrace.

Come connect in Sisterhood and feel a sense of renewal, 
and reconnection with the most intimate parts of your being.
Come step into a more embodied expression of the spiritual path.

Our days together will be a weaving and an invitation to

move into deep practice and inner alchemy.  

Every day will be divided into different sessions.
Some will be more meditative and introspective,
some more physically active and embodied.

We will be exploring the Tantric teachings and practices. 

Practicing with the Tatvas as a way to open our being into full presence and sensitivity.
Using ancient tantric methods to awaken our senses, our awareness,
and a deep sense of embodied  spirituality.

Sitting in circle and opening ourselves to the ancient wisdom of the feminine ways,
moving into ceremony, and powerful energy transmissions.

We will move in very feminine ways honoring the flow of energy,
letting it inform how we move from one activity to the next.

Timing and weather allowing, we may take a couple of excursions hiking on

the mountains to beautiful energetic spots.

Akasha Devi is a passionate guide on the path of the Heart, where Love and Meditation unite.

For more than a decade Akasha has been a mentor to many who adventure on the Sacred Path, her teachings come from an aggregate of different paths, modalities, life experiences, and past lives remembrances.

Akasha is is a Gong Master and revered Sound Healing Teacher.

A Guide and Pilgrim on the path of Tantra, and a guide for women on the Path of Feminine Alchemy.

She is a Healer combining various modalities of energy, sound and shamanic healing accessing the deep akashic blueprint through her sessions.

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