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An Osho Meditation Retreat on the Bardo Teachings

Osho Mokurai Meditation Centre, Italy

October 13 – 19, 2024

Bardo Thodol.jpeg

Bardo means “in between”, or, “intermediate state”. The Bardo Thodol (“Liberation through the hearing in the Bardo”) is a profound teaching from the Tibetan tradition on how to prepare for a conscious death, and how to guide the consciousness through the many powerful and deep experiences happening in the transition time between death and next life, how to use those experiences to achieve liberation. It’s one of the most precious Dharma from Tibetan Buddhism. Osho calls the Bardo the greatest contribution Tibet has made to the world. This profound meditation retreat is an introduction to the basic principles of the Bardo, the initial dissolution stages of the death process, the Bardo of moment of Death, the Bardo of Dharmata (reality), and the Bardo of Becoming (rebirth). An essential teaching of how to stop the wheel of birth and death.

Death is the crescendo, the highest peak that life can attain. In the moment of death much is possible. If you have been preparing and preparing, meditating and waiting, then at the moment of death enlightenment is very easily possible, because death and enlightenment are similar… …If you have been preparing, if you have been meditating, and preparation means if you have been making all efforts to use death, to use this abyss of nothingness, rather than being pulled into it, you have been getting ready to jump into it, it makes a lot of difference…”

“I would like to teach you not only how to live, I would also like to teach you how to die.” – Osho

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