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Retreat Schedule

“…For all those who are seeking, searching and have a deep longing in their hearts to  find their home. It’s a strange invitation. It will take you on a long pilgrimage and it will end only where you are already. You will have to move many steps and on many paths just to come to yourself, because you’ve gone far away from yourself. You’ve completely forgotten the way back. I’m a reminder, a remembrance, of the lost home.”   Osho


"Silent Thunder Osho Zazen Retreat"

Jan 21 – Feb 10, 2024

The 21 days Zazen Winter Retreat

An intense process of Zazen sitting, Zen walking, Haiku, (the Zen enlightened form of poetry), with Osho insights and guidance. Most of the retreat will be in silence.
Some experience in meditation is required.

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"Flame of Love"

March 3 – 9, 2024

Sufi Group Intensive

Sufi is a Mystic path, and the essence that is at the heart of all religious spirits. It is the ancient wisdom of the heart, and the path of love born from that wisdom. It’s finding the true nature and realization. This group is a meditative process using different methods like rhythm, breath, music, dance, voice, sound, poetry, to enter a state of emptiness. We will also explore the beauty of Sufi poetry and music.


"Seven Doors to Meditation"

April 21 – 27, 2024

Based on Atisha’s teachings ‘Seven point of mind training’ and Osho commentary and explanation from the ‘Book of Wisdom’.

This intense one week meditative process, a deep immersion into Osho’s revolutionary and innovative meditations, is based on Osho’s commentary and explanation on the XI century Tibetan text of Atisha ‘Seven Points of Mind Training (Lo Jong)’ (Pha-chos Bu-chos).  An invaluable guide, and a light for all inner paths, for every meditator, which can completely transform the mind and heart.  An opening to the limitless space of our inner being.


In the Dakini Garden

"(With Akasha Ma Shakira Devi)"

May 11 – 15, 2024

A 5-day women’s retreat and invitation into the Heart of Feminine Alchemy.

In The Dakini Garden will be a temple in which we will cultivate, restore and deepen our connection to the Feminine Ways through the Ancient Wisdom of Tantric Teachings.

Embraced by the beautiful landscape of the Italian Alps, in the magical shrine of Mokurai, we will rekindle our connection to nature and the elements bringing ourselves back to our feminine roots. 

Sufi Zen

"The Wind of Emptiness"

August 11 – 24, 2024

A 14 days Meditation Camp and Retreat.
Sufi and Sufi-Zen

This powerful 14 days Meditation camp is a profound and intense process structured in 2 parts.First week is a diving into the Sufi space of love and wisdom, second week a merging of the Path of Love and the Path of Meditation.

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Path of the Full Moon

September 15 – 21, 2024

A space where inner and outer adventure meet

A week of meditation and trekking, through ourselves and the ancient paths of the enchanted mountains of Maira Valley, in North Italy Alps Mountains. Being in an uncontaminated nature, breathing the breath of the sky, living, walking, meditating, and exploring the hidden harmonies between our heart and the magic of wilderness.

Bardo Thodol 

October 13 – 19, 2024

Retreat on the Bardo teachings.

Osho calls the Bardo the greatest contribution Tibet has made to the world. This profound meditation retreat is an introduction to the basic principles of the Bardo, the initial dissolution stages of the death process, the Bardo of moment of Death, the Bardo of Dharmata (reality), and the Bardo of Becoming (rebirth). An essential teaching of how to stop the wheel of birth and death.


The Heart Sutra

November 10 – 16, 2024

Meditation Retreat based on Osho’s commentary and explanation of 'The Heart Sutra'.

This Meditation Retreat is based on Osho’s commentary on “The Heart Sutra” (Prajñāpāramitā Hridayam Sūtra, “The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom”), the most famous and profound sutra ofBuddha. The essential teaching of The Heart Sutra is that all phenomena ultimately are “Shunyata” empty, they are lacking any intrinsic reality in themselves. Osho commentary and explanation on the “Heart Sutra” is between the most important Osho discourse series. Together with Osho’s revolutionary and innovative meditations, this intense meditation process is a marvelous chance for a growth into deepening our Path and understanding.

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