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Osho Mokurai

We are part of Nature, we are waves of a single ocean. To live in nature is a great help for us in moving on the Path. Being in tune with nature allows us to return to our essential selves.

Osho Mokurai is a space of meditation, a temple, dedicated to Osho’s vision, His Dharma, His wisdom, His love.

Mokurai means “Silent Thunder”. It stands for the power of nature, that Silent Presence, ...forceful, umfathomable, immanent, immense.

The Buddha Hall at Mokurai is not limited to the walled space inside the house, but includes all the mountains, the valley, rivers, waterfalls, forests, lakes, the infinite sky… a vast, immense Buddha Hall, that echoes the true Temple ….the shrine of our heart.

Osho Mokurai offers that rare, prized thing: something very strong, profound, intense, a place for committed meditators, wilds one, brave hearts, where the longing becomes a passion, where there is a dance of power, of energy, and the song of silence of nature.

It’s a space where it’s possible to experience, to hear, what Osho calls the “Ancient music of the pines”, whispers all around, it surrounds us.

Osho Mokurai is a place where wonder, gratitude, profundity and love coexist within the matrix of meditation.

With my whole heart I hope this may contribute towards sharing Osho’s depth and love with all those who quest towards self-knowledge, towards meditation, howsoever this might transpire.

~ Videha.

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