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Poems of Osho

When love breathes into words what is said is not what is said, but what wants to be said

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There is a music which has no sound,
the soul is restless for such silent music.
There is a love in which the body is not,
the soul longs for such unembodied love.
There is a truth which has no form,
the soul longs for this formless truth.

When gladness glides

In the deep lake of silence,

Warm breath of love

Hums an unheard song.

When open sky is wide awake

Under thy gaze

Fog of doubt melts away

And fragrant breeze reveals

The sweet pollen of bliss.

The lake, the lotus,

And the unseen lover

Merge in one lightening thrill

When the heart thirsts so much for truth, for peace, for religion,
One day you come face to face with the sun
Which dispels all life's darkness.
Thirst! Pray! Strive! Wait!
A journey of a thousand miles is covered
By small step, so don't lose heart.
Vast distances can be covered one step at a time,
And an ocean filled drop by drop.
I want my words ring in your ears,
and their echo to carry you
Into that space where everything is silent, empty.
This is the way from words to emptiness.
There one meet oneself.
I'm in bliss.
Take my love, I've nothing else to offer,
It is my only wealth.
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Just like a flower... a flower,

the bees are buzzing around it.

That is what happens around me.

The flower opens and the bees start coming and singing.

When I see that you are going mad I will stop. 

Till then let the flower grow and the birds sing.

I am a little crazy, everyone knows it so no need to worry.

Ahhhh the flowers..  the birds... the bees...

I love it all.

Nothing can harm me, not even death.

Now, now... it is immense!

The very grandeur of it...  the grace of it...

I am afraid to say so....

Where there is love

the whole existence becomes a poem.

the flowers of life bloom under the light of love.

It is strange that you ask

why my heart holds so much love for you.

Can love ever be caused?

If it is, can it be called love?

Oh, my mad friend! love is always uncaused!

This is its mystery,

and its purity.

Love is divine 

and belongs to the kingdom of God

because it is uncaused.

As for me l am filled with love

as a lamp is filled with light.

To see this light one needs eyes.

You have those eyes so you saw the light.

The credit is yours, not mine.

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