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No bird singing
Neither cicada call,
No bee humming,
No arising of thoughts.

The space is full.
Stillness everywhere,
And an astonishing light.

The dawn.
The silence.

Sitting in the night, my eyes lightened by the moon,
The light of a candle throws sparkles around and inside me.
The sweet air of the earth caresses my soul,
A music accompany my spirit.
The remembrance of You pervades the whole sky,
Its blue is Your love, the stars Your joy,
The moon Your face, the music of the ocean Your voice.
Have you ever seen a sea-gull flying
In the silence of the night?

path to full moon.jpeg

Osho, giving up myself in the wave of your compassion.
Smiling You're standing out.
You are echoing me thousands time, seducing me into craziness.
I sink in a lake of tears, of compassion, of joy.
In this lake, the fire doesn't fade.
The moon shines silently,
The mountains crowned of stars,
The flowers wave into nothingness.

The Goddess of joy spreads her jewels like rain.
I drink from Her hands, I kiss Her hair.
Shattered by Her presence no more I try to keep
Myself together.
Blown away, I become a sea-gull in the storm,
A mad meteor, a ray of love.
One thousand comets appear in the sky.

Videha sufi angel_edited.png

So much music in the existence. If you only could listen!
A call from everywhere, the melody of the sky,
The sound of the earth, the quiver of the trees kissed by the wind,
The love song of a sea—gull, the distant sound of the ocean,
The call of a bird,
The roaring of the waves of my love.
Oh beloved, close your eyes now,
Everything is only the echo of the silence
Of the universal soul.

Since eternity I'm dancing looking for Your face.
I look at You, Your silence tells me everything.
The light of Your eyes dissolve the magic of love.
Only a Presence remains.

Osho Zazen _edited.jpg
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