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The Wind of Emptiness

Osho Mokurai Meditation Centre, Italy

August 11 – 24, 2024

Sufi-Zen Meditation Camp and Retreat


"Meditation and love together are supportive energies for each other.
If you love, you will be able to meditate more deeply, if you meditate you will be able to love more totally.
They go on helping each other.
Slowly a pyramid is created in your consciousness.
By the bricks of love and meditation one can reach the highest peak of existence.
...Just as the bird has two wings, let love and meditation be your two wings..." ∼ Osho

Sufi is the expression of the ancient wisdom of the heart, and the path of love born from that wisdom. Zen is the silence, the sky, of that wisdom.

This unique process is a journey to silence through love, and to love through silence.

Zikhr, breath, music, dance, poetry, the Sufi path and joy, will take us into the open space of the heart, the door, the bridge, to the silent lake of our being.


A structured process of Sufi whirling, Zen sitting, and Zen walking.

Whirling take us into the many expression of ourselves and finally to the state of union; sitting in Zazen, listening to Sufi poetry and Zen haiku will help to remember the wisdom and the silence of our true nature. Finding the silence, the stillness, in our whirling, and the song, the dance in our sitting. This camp is a powerful process of emptying ourselves, an atmosphere where love and prayer flower into meditation.

"As the birds sing each morning at sunrise, the heart fills with song at the dawn of meditation. As flowers bloom in spring, the soul is drenched in fragrance as meditation is born. As everything glisters green beneath the rain, consciousness shines with many colors as meditation showers. All this and much more takes place, and this is only the beginning. Ultimately, everything goes: fragrance, color, light, music...everything disappears. And an inner space, like the sky, appears. Empty, formless, without quality...."

"We have burned all traces of work and profession,
We have nothing now but poetry and love songs.
We sing of the heart, soul and beloved,
Only to burn all traces of heart, soul and beloved."

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