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Path to The Full Moon   

A space where inner and outer adventure meet

Osho Mokurai Meditation Centre, Italy

15-21 September, 2024


Meditation and Trekking

A week of meditation and trekking, through ourselves and the ancient paths of the enchanted mountains of Maira Valley, in North Italy Alps Mountains. Being in an uncontaminated nature, breathing the breath of the sky, living, walking, meditating, and exploring the hidden harmonies between our heart and the magic of wilderness.

A Space Where Inner and Outer Adventure Meet

“ Man had always lived with nature. To live with nature is to live with God in an indirect way, because nature

 reflects God in a thousand and one ways. The growing trees and the faraway call of the cuckoo and the

 winds in the pine trees and the rivers moving towards the ocean and the proud mountains standing in the

 sun and the starry night, and it is impossible not to be reminded of some invisible hands.

It is impossible not to see that existence is not dead but alive.

The ocean heaves, breathes….

….You will have to bring the heart back. You will have to be aware again of nature. You will have to learn

 to watch roses, lotuses again. You will have to make a few contacts with the trees and the rocks and

 the rivers.

You will have to start a dialogue with the stars again……”

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